That means new brands, like California Kisses, Sugar and Bruno, and Gia Mia. As for the “right time”, Frank now travels to Olivia’s dance competitions with a bag full of tights, footwear, hair accessories–and her Apple Pay set-up. There are at least a dozen competitive dance studios in our area and Frank knows that many dance moms are juggling intense practices, families and full-time jobs. If she doesn’t catch them at competitions, they will find their way to the store. “They can come here and take care of everything in one trip,” she says.

Lori Frank’s life was changed by a can of paint.

It was a Friday afternoon just before Christmas and Frank was heading west on Bloomfield Avenue to the Home Depot in Fairfield. As she passed Everything Dance, a small store by the entrance to Calandra’s Italian Village in Caldwell, she noticed people hanging a “Store Closing” sign. “Oh no,” Frank recalls thinking, “I’ve always loved that place.”    

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Instead of dashing about the country for business, Lori Frank has her dream boutique close to home.

Everything Dance
242 Bloomfield Ave,
Caldwell, NJ 07006
(973) 618 - 9911